LOTRO’s Mordor has terrible border control and other tales of adventure

Bio Break

I don’t think I can recall an MMO where I’ve seen players so incredibly excited to rush headlong into an ugly, oppressive, and nasty zone as I have this past week in Lord of the Rings Online. Heck, I’m even pretty excited, and I list volcano-and-ash zones pretty low on my list of video game biomes. I guess there’s something about Mordor, about what it represents and what we’ve been striving for over the past decade that helps to overcome these inherent drawbacks.

I love the premise here, which is basically, “There’s a land of monsters and dark terrors that just lost its supreme overlord. What happens next?” Again, that’s kind of a unique situation that’s not often explored in MMOs. Will there be a power vacuum? Will projects and plans put into motion before Sauron’s downfall still proceed? What does a country that harbors pure evil look like on…

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