The Necropolis, Part 2

DDO Outrage

General Comments

These quests are so frustrating, but Necropolis 2 is known far and wide by most players for one quest and one quest only, and that makes it all worth all the while. However, the frustrating mechanics in these quests and the fact that they’re all incorporeal undead-based (I hate undead) will forever keep the pack from being enjoyable to me. To the pack’s credit, though, I guess the quest designs and mechanics are somewhat original?

Experience: 5/5

Tomb of the Shadow Guard isn’t great experience/minute. All of the swimming means that you can only go through the quest so fast, so even if you’re a Killing Machine, you won’t be able to clear it all too quickly.

Tomb of the Shadow King is potentially good experience/minute if the party splits up and knows what they’re doing. But as we all know, this is seldom the case.

Tomb of…

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