The Necropolis, Part 3

DDO Outrage

General Comments

Necropolis 3 has the dubious honor of being the lowest ranked pre-U14 pack on my tier list. And it has every reason to be there, boasting absolutely nothing good or likable about it.

Experience: 0/5

You might look at the base experience rating of Tomb of the Tormented and say “hey, wait a second, why are you rating this pack so low?” Well… go scroll down a little further to the “walkthrough” section of the wiki’s article o the quest. You know things are bad when even the wiki is joking about the quest, saying “Some say that the “Tormented” are not the zombies in the tomb, but you.” Yes, that’s a verbatim quote on the wiki.

The problem with this pack is that the mechanics are too ambitious and end up being so infuriating that everyone avoids these quests altogether. And even when people do run these…

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