The Necropolis, Part 4

DDO Outrage

General Comments

Necropolis 4 is the Necropolis with the most content, the best loot, the best experience, the only wilderness area of the Necropolises, the only raids of the Necropolises, and the only Necropolis with an epic difficulty. In other words, it’s the best Necropolis to buy, if you are only going to buy one.

Experience: 5/5

There are four level 14 flagging quests here: Desecrated Temple of Vol, Ghosts of Perdition (named after an Opeth song), The Fleshmaker’s Laboratory, and Inferno of the Damned. The end chests of these flagging quests drop 1 piece of an empty sigil frame every time you complete them. You need 8 pieces of the sigil frame in order to flag for the next quest, so this means that you’ll have to run these quests a minimum of eight times, and probably more. DDO Wiki has a more detailed overview of the sigil…

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