Even Now

Crystal Cove is back!

Normally I don’t particularly care much one way or the other about Cove, partly because I think I have all the Cove gear I need, and mostly because I totally suck at running it.

Really, I do. I’m a poor choice for scouting/clearing because of my penchant for getting lost, and an even poorer one for running torches because of the getting lost thing and also because I can never seem to get the hang of placing them. I either have them too close together and run out, or too far apart so the poor kobolds end up as lost as I am.

But it was Gom’s first night back on the stream after having the summer off for real life, and Slvr can solo Cove in his sleep, AND we not only got PuffGranny to join our Cove runs, we suckered her into – I…

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