Reaper Retardation

DDO Outrage

I hope you like the alliterative title.

So, I come back from a year-long break (or longer, I can’t keep track), after seeing that they had at some point made a Battle Engineer change. It looked nice so I decided to test it out, namely by True Reincarnating my character and starting over at level 1. At this point, I noticed that there was another new feature Turdbine added in since I had last played: Reaper difficulty.

It’s about as awful as you’d expect it to be.

Oh, I also discovered that apparently the company managing DDO is no longer named “Turbine;” it’s now “Stepping Stone Games” (SSG for short) but it’s essentially being managed by all the same people. It’s the same piece of shit, just with a different name, so don’t get your hopes up too much about any new managerial direction for DDO.

Anyway, Reaper difficulty. The…

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