Why We Connect to Video Games


-by Dylan DiBona

It took a lot longer than we expected, but Athena from ambigamingcorner and I finally finished our project on the connection between video games and people who are going through hard times or have extra challenges in life. We compiled a list of the the stories which you can read here; Athena is going to be focusing on the more scientific and factual side of things which I like to think as the brain of our project. For my half I wanted to do what I believe I do best, write from the heart. So, why do we connect to video games?

Image result for zelda 1 art The possibilities are as endless as the horizon.

I noticed a trend in all of the responses; people either experiences loss, familial problems or mental health issues. Maybe this is a rude blanket statement, but people who don’t experience these things are “whole”…

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