Sentinels of Stormreach

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General Comments

An old pack which has aged well, albeit in ways which Turbine probably didn’t intend. That’s how it usually goes, or has gone since 2012; Turbine’s unintended overlooking of certain factors leads to a better game, while Turbine’s planned-out “features” end up costing them players and reputation. Anyway, about the pack itself: Sentinels of Stormreach is a very good pack to have, especially for epic players.

Experience: 4/5

If it weren’t for Spies in the House (it’s the house, not the house of love or the house of the night), I’d probably rate this pack 2/5 for experience. But right now, Spies in the House on EN is one of the big three quests that epic players complete every day for experience. It can provide around 70k experience in under 10 minutes, one of the best exp/minute ratios in the game. Its heroic experience isn’t terrible either, though there

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