Yew Lane Estate

Dyson's Dodecahedron

When the church of Zollis the Untouched was disbanded, the high deacon left the holy city and moved here to get away from the old church’s flock and the many troubles that still dogged it. With funds most likely funneled from the old church’s coffers, she bought the Yew Lane Estate and restarted her life as Lady Delles. Of course, she likely still has a fair amount of church funds to her name, and definitely is still in possession of a few “no-longer-sacred” artifacts that could attract the attention of many an adventurer, sage, or thieves’ guild.

Yew Lane Estate Yew Lane Estate

A modest estate within the city, the Yew Lane Estate is a small walled estate with three buildings. The main building is the estate house proper – two storied stone construction with a small (unmapped) attic and servant’s basement, topped with a gently sloped slate roof. Attached to the estate…

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