Let’sa Talk About…: Italian Plumbers


We’re back with our “Let’s Talk About…” series! Check out the previous chats here.

Let’sa Talk About… Mario Paint

That was unexpected, wasn’t it?

Image result for mario paint

I seriously loved this game so much growing up. There is literally nothing I don’t like about it. I always thought it was so cool that not only were you using a computer mouse on a video game console (which made me wonder if I could ever plug a video game controller into a computer, an idea I now realize I should have patented back then), but the whole idea of not only being able to create your own art, stamps, and simple animation loops, but also be able to create and play your own musical creations using sound effects instead of notes, was just amazing.

Image result for mario paint music theme song

I realize now that I used that game like an ear-training exercise, since each line of music was a…

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