Gamevice is Suing Nintendo


In recent gaming news, it has come to my attention that a company called Gamevice is suing Nintendo.  Gamevice has created detachable controllers that attach to smartphones and tablets in much the same way as the Joy-Con controllers attach to the Switch.  If you’re interested in reading more, the web site I visited was CNBC.

Looking at both the Nintendo Switch and Gamevice controller, I suppose such a lawsuit is…understandable, as far as lawsuits go, as I do agree that both devices look pretty similar.  What I find very crazy, however, is that Gamevice is demanding that Nintendo cease making and selling the Switch altogether.  Furthermore, Gamevice is claiming that Nintendo is greatly hurting them and should award them some as-of-yet undetermined sum of money to make up for the “injury” Gamevice has suffered.

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