Infested Hall (with video)

Dyson's Dodecahedron

In the lowest chambers of the ancient complex is a great hall now known as “the infested hall”. A two-level chamber cut into the depths. The original chamber had a small reflecting pool at one end that was used primarily for religious and ceremonial purposes but that was also a backup water supply for the complex. When the complex was sacked and destroyed, the hall was used as a latrine by invading forces and the reflecting pool broken allowing water to seep into the rest of the chamber.

In the years since, the floor of the chamber has become overrun with fungi of all scales, with some mushroom caps being nearly 10 feet across. A few violet fungi slowly shift through the area, seeming to herd themselves and the other fungi closer and further from the water as needed.

The Infested Hall The Infested Hall

However, like any other good dungeon location, a…

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