Devil Assault

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I know what you’re thinking: how can you consider such an old pack with only two quests to be S-tier? Well, I’ll explain. Devil Assault is arguably the pack that has aged better with time than any other pack out there, for a multitude of reasons I’ll cover momentarily. It’s also extremely popular and covers a higher level range than most other packs.

Experience: 4/5

Doing a daily run of Devil Assault on EN is an easy 60-70k experience in about 20 minutes, and Chronoscope gives almost as much if including all its optionals. Although I don’t think most people run these two quests in epic for experience, I do think that people should give it more credit.

In the heroic levels, the Chronoscope can potentially be very good experience at level, provided you can get a competent group to run it. Given that it’s a level 6…

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