Episode 216: A Counterpoint to Why eSports Should Be Olympic Events As Soon As Possible

3rd World Geeks


You may have read my colleague’s argument that the realm of eSports shouldn’t be in the Olympics in 2024. He does bring up some decent arguments, like it would definitely create controversy and the decision of what games will become medal events will definitely irk some dedicated video game fanbases. However, I don’t necessarily have to agree with what he said. In fact, I would be a staunch advocate for actually allowing the eSports into the Olympics sooner rather than later.

The biggest argument against video games entering the world of Olypics sports would be that you don’t need to be a world class athlete to play them. There’s a belief that there are no physical demands to playing video games because all you’re doing is pushing a mouse around and pressing a few buttons. Well, yeah, that’s what gamers are doing when they command their Heroes to attack…

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