Sonic the Hedgehog is Taco Bell


-by Dylan DiBona

I’ve got an imaginary wheel in my head spinning with tons of Sonic the Hedgehog topics. Do I ask if the original Genesis games were ever that great? Do I talk about the bizarrely terrible Sonic Underground cartoon? Do I compare the series to its old competitor Mario? I’ll just do them all right now.

Except Sonic Underground. I love and hate that show.

Image result for sonic mania art

If there was ever a Lindsey Lohan of video game mascots, it would unfortunately be Sonic. What was once a trusted face that acted as a seal of quality soon became a living meme on the internet. Bug-ridden games, awful concepts and controls and for some reason early 2000’s rock. Only the most dedicated of Sonic fans could find something to enjoy (granted there were the accidental two good games: Colors and Generations).

Don’t let the nature…

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