Sorrowdusk Isle

DDO Outrage

General Comments

Sorrowdusk Isle is among my favorite adventure packs, and if you came to DDO with a pen-and-paper mentality, this will likely be one of your favorite packs as well. It offers a wide selection of monsters to fight, a very unique and original wilderness area, and a story which seems straight out of tabletop D&D–much more so than Temple of Elemental Fail, and this pack wasn’t even based on any particular source material. Add to this that the pack has some decent experience and loot, and you get a very well-rounded pack.

Experience: 3.5/5

There are ten quests total, with two quests of each level from 6-10: two level 6 quests, two level 7 quests, and so on. The first four quests comprise the “Grey Moon Waning” chain, while the final six quests finish off the “Cult of Six” chain. “Grey Moon Waning” does not provide any unique…

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