Four Pagodas of Kwantoom

Dyson's Dodecahedron

My love of Kabuki Kaiser’s solo D&D masterpiece “Mad Monks of Kwantoom” isn’t much of a secret. So when I saw Tim Hartin of Paratime Design playing a game of Ruins of the Undercity and posting his results to Google+, I just needed to pull out Mad Monks again and play through a few more of the 1001 Pagodas of Doom.

And the real secret of the Mad Monks of Kwantoom is that the stuff you do between expeditions to the 1001 Pagodas is usually even cooler (discovering cool stores, dealing with strange random events in town, and acquiring new missions).

Four Pagodas of Kwantoom Four Pagodas of Kwantoom

The basic conceit of the adventuring locations is there is an island covered in a massive collection of multi-level pagodas in varying shape and condition that you explore. These four pagodas were rolled up (and stocked) purely using random tables in the book with a…

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