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Okay, contrary to what I might’ve expressed in the past regarding wanting to make a repeater build, I did indeed roll a repeater build as my main’s next life–partially because I want to do a few Epic Reincarnations and a repeater build is the easiest way to ease the grind by making it absurdly easy–and I’m glad that I did because holy fuck is this adventure pack’s difficulty skewed. I soloed the first two quests, and someone else came to help with the last quest, but even then, the difficulty of the quests were on par with anything from the level 19 Amrath quests. And after spending a little over an hour in this dreadful pack, I can say with confidence that I can’t be bothered to check out the raid or do any of the quests from The Archons’ Trials again. Waste of 495 TP.

Experience: 0/5

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