Three Barrel Cove

DDO Outrage

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Three-Barrel Cove is by far and away my favorite adventure pack in the game. This fact should clue you in to the prospect that I might be a little biased here, but I nevertheless feel that the reasons why I love this pack have at least some basis in reality. This pack has my favorite wilderness area in the game, some very diverse and fun quests which not only offer fantastic experience but some very good items as well, and greater replay value than ever before in the way of an epic remake.

Not to mention its cool pirate aesthetic. What’s not to love about this pack?

Experience: 5/5

Three Barrel Cove offers excellent experience both in heroic and in epic levels, and has only gotten better over time.

Heroic TBC offers the quick 5-minute quest, The Stones Run Red, with a whopping 4,366 base experience on…

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