10 little things I wish they’d change in LOTRO

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Ten years in, and I’m still finding this game as lovely and photogenic as ever!

But of course, there are always those “little” things we’d change about the game if we could. I’m sure the team has its hands full, usually in creating and testing new content, but I always hope that sooner or later some old issues would be addressed. In talking with my kin lately, we were going back and forth on little things we wish that would get changed or fixed or added. Here’s a list of my personal wishes:

  1. I wish there was a way to resize the quest box text to be larger (without resizing the whole UI). There’s always so much of it, and on larger monitors and resolutions, it’s more difficult to read now than it used to be. Of course, I could be getting older too…
  2. Daily login rewards have gotten stale…

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