Let’s Talk About…: Legends


We’re back with our “Let’s Talk About…” series! Check out the previous chats here.

Let’s Talk About…: a few The Legend of Zelda games

Where to begin?

Well, let’s start at the beginning.

Image result for skyward sword

No. Not that beginning.

Image result for zelda ii the adventure of link

Much better.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was the very first Zelda game I played way back in nineteen-ninety-mumble (it was one of the games my parents gave us with our shiny new NES). This so-called black sheep of the Zelda franchise is notable for a number of reasons that many people know, as well as some you may not know, so let’s get the easy ones out of the way:

  • It’s the only side-scrolling Zelda game
  • It’s the only game where Link is mentioned in the title
  • It’s the only Zelda game that doesn’t have “Legend” in the title (unless its the Japanese version)
  • It’s the only Zelda game that…

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