Return to the Medusa’s Chasm

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Dark Huntress, a medusa most foul, has turned this old shrine into her lair which she shares with her favoured ones – a pack of tainted goblins that can run on the walls and ceilings like insects.

Return to the Medusa's Chasm Return to the Medusa’s Chasm

The medusa lairs on the far side of the chasm, in a columned chamber that was once the inner sanctum of the shrine. Her goblin companions live across the bridge between her and the main entrance into the old shrine – a set of stairs carved into the side of the ravine that leads into the old shrine and then to the bridge that spans over to the inner sanctum.

I found it very difficult to get the whole “this is a ravine or crevasse” message across in this isometric map. I should probably have rotated the angle so that we were looking “down” the crevasse instead…

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