In which Syp realizes that there’s an easier way to grind LOTRO festival tokens

Bio Break

Yesterday the Famer’s Faire kicked off in LOTRO, a mere two days after the ending of the Summer Festival. This was good news for me, as I wasn’t yet done with grinding the rest of my Ale Association rep to get my goat — only two more days to go now! — and this would allow me to finish up.

But I looked at everyone getting into a frenzy over the festival and felt my heart sink a little. I never really liked the Farmer’s Faire. The concept is OK, I guess, but the activities aren’t that interesting to me. And when it comes to doing festivals, generally I want to go with the easiest possible route to tokenville for rewards UNLESS there is an activity that is fun to do on its own merit. The Haunted Burrow? The snowball fight? Fun things that I actually want to do. Not…

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