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I don’t particularly love The Catacombs, nor do I particularly hate them; I’m ambivalent, really. That’s probably why I put this pack in the C-Tier section–because it’s overall as average as they come. It’s got average experience, average loot, and the quests aren’t particularly horrible nor are they particularly fun. To add to this sense of balance, it does have one noticeable perk, namely its low TP cost, and yet this perk is counterbalanced by being very difficult to find a group for.

Experience: 3/5

The pack gives you eight quests, all of them being undead themed. They’re all very short (with the exception of  The Crypt of Gerard Dryden, otherwise known as The “Sorry!” Board), which might be expected for their level (3), but this is worth noting because there are indeed other similarly-leveled quests which are longer in difficulty, namely Shan to Kor…

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