The Seal of Shan-To-Kor

DDO Outrage

General Comments

Despite being a low-level pack, Shan-To-Kor offers a surprising hint at some of the best aspects of DDO, while also being a very good pack in terms of experience and loot. Lore-wise, it is a sequel to The Waterworks, and takes place at a similar level as well. I really like this pack.

Experience: 4/5

Shan-To-Kor is divided into two subsections, both taking place in the miniature wilderness area, the Steam Tunnels. The first subsection is a standalone quest known as “The Sacred Helm,” a level 3 Waterworks-alike quest which offers passable experience rewards and no named loot. The second subsection of the pack comprises the meat of the pack, and is a series of three quests in a chain, leveling 3, 4, and 5. The chain offers a total of 5,739 base experience on elite and a plethora of easy objectives in the middle…

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