Tangleroot Gorge

DDO Outrage

General Comments

I like, but don’t love this pack. Tangleroot Gorge is very homogeneous and overall quite average both in terms of experience and in fun factor. What puts this pack at the top of the C-Tier, and borderline B-Tier, however, is in its loot… namely, in the form of a pair of well-known, well-used goggles which just about every DDO junkie has.

Experience: 3.5/5

In all honesty, you could probably skip Tangleroot Gorge even on 3rd+ lives and still get to the cap just fine. The main reason why I think skipping would be viable is because the quests are spread apart so thinly in terms of level (10 quests ranging from level 3 to level 7) that it’s kind of a pain to go back to the Gorge every level. In total, the quest chain provides 11,816 base experience on elite. That being said, I tend to still…

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