Phiarlan Carnival

DDO Outrage

General Comments

Phiarlan Carnival is one of many older adventure packs which hasn’t aged well. It still has its merits, of course, but with each passing update, this pack is losing traction and is a lot less essential to buy than it used to be.

Experience: 3/5

On heroic elite, the full chain of four quests awards a total of 11,516 experience. This is decent, though nowhere near as good as Three-Barrel Cove is. Previously, TBC used to give bad experience and offer no named loot. Additionally, TBC back then also was heroic only. Back then, most people probably would’ve recommended the Carnival over the Cove in terms of level 5 content. Now, however, the tides have turned and Carnival is nowhere near as good as the Cove; TBC has both an epic and heroic option, provides some excellent named loot, and nearly triple the base experience on heroic elite…

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