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Yet another forgettable post U14 pack which isn’t worth buying or playing through even if you’re VIP and have it for free. Although Heart of Madness isn’t as bad as Temple of Elemental Fail, it’s close, and it should still be avoided like the plague. As it stands, I see no good reason to run this pack unless you’re a masochist.

Experience: 0/5

The pack has three quests and none of them are remarkable experience. Fashion Madness comes close to giving what could be argued to be decent exp/minute (I managed 21k in 12 minutes), but the thing that kills these quests first and foremost is the fact that they’re level 18 quests. There’s already a plethora of content to run at the level 17-20 range, which is likely when most people would consider running these quests on heroic; there’s the fantastic Sane Asylum, the entirety of the…

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