Episode 218: The Rise and Fall of Motion Controls

3rd World Geeks


We have a Wii somewhere in my house. I don’t know where it is, though. It’s probably gathering dust in some forgotten corner of a closet somewhere but I can’t really say where it is exactly. That’s because we disconnected Nintendo’s motion controlled some years ago and never bothered to plug it in anymore. You may say that this is the fate of most video gaming consoles but that’s usually doesn’t happen in my house. My brother still has his PS3 hooked up to his TV and he boots it up once in a while to play Grand Theft Auto V (“We’re not buying it again for the PS4,” he says) and his old, reliable Famicom (that’s the NES for you Western dwellers) is still working and he plays a few oldies on it once in a blue moon.

Wonder how much a working Famicom is these days?


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