The Ruins of Threnal

DDO Outrage

General Comments

Threnal is really scraping the bottom of the barrel of DDO, at least when speaking strictly in terms of pre-U14 content. DDO was never a perfect game, and I won’t pretend it was. This adventure pack is one of the reasons why it was never a perfect game.

Experience: 2/5

Every single quest in this pack is pretty terrible in terms of experience.

But there’s one quest that I do every life.

Escort the Expedition. This is an easy quest that takes less than 15 minutes and grants an easy 20k + experience, which, considering the level (10) is really nice. There aren’t that many level 10 quests to do for experience–I’m not counting VoN 5 here because finding a competent group for that quest on heroic is too unreliable and difficult to accomplish–and finding a quest at that level which gives passable experience is something of…

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