The Vault of Night

DDO Outrage

General Comments

Though the loot aspect of this pack is somewhat dated (with one or two notable exceptions), every quest in The Vault of Night experiences a decent degree of popularity. There are multiple quests here which offer phenomenal experience, and since the pack has an epic difficulty, players get lots of replay value from this pack because of how much experience it offers across all difficulties. Add to this the fact that the quests themselves are rather unique and you get a pack which not only is practical, but one which is considered by most to be fun to play as well.

Experience: 5/5

Of the ten highest experience quests in the entire heroic game, this adventure pack hosts two of them. Conspicuously, the other eight quests are all in the level 16-20 level range, with two of them never being run for experience and two of them never being…

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