The Red Fens

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The Red Fens suffers from being in the same level range as Vault of Night and Necropolis 2. There’s very little, if any, reason to run it on heroic, and even on epic difficulties, the quests can easily be ignored in favor of superior exp/minute quests like Vault of Night or Jungles of Khyber… what you should be realizing is that, if VoN didn’t exist, then Red Fens would probably get a much higher ranking. It’s a real shame that these quests are overlooked in favor of others, because I think in terms of overall design, there’s a lot here to be appreciated.

Experience: 0/5

Same reason that Temple of Elemental Fail gets a 0/5 in my book: because nobody ever runs these. You’re not getting any experience from quests that you’re not running, are you?

I don’t even think these quests offer very great experience/minute either. To…

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