The Restless Isles

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Restless Isles is another unfortunately overlooked pack, and always has been on the more unpopular side. The wilderness area is among the most unconventional in the game, which creates a double-edged sword which some people love and most people hate. This, coupled with dated loot and quests which don’t give all that much experience, means that this pack is more unpopular now than ever before.

Experience: 0/5

Given The Twilight Forge’s spectacular base experience, you might think that people would run it, but there are a few reasons why they don’t (more on that later). Aside from this pre-raid, however, there are very little experience incentives to run The Restless Isles. There are only two “normal” quests here, Bring me the Head of Ghola-Fan and Slavers of the Shrieking Mines, both level 10 and both being excessively long and actually somewhat difficult for their level. On elite…

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