Unbelievable Retro Gaming Ads

Musings of a Mario Minion

Between E3 and Christmas we tend to see an onslaught of video game advertisements. The sleek, empowering shots of mid-action characters and expansive worlds, however, were not always the norm when you open up that double page magazine spread. Retro gaming ads are some of the most hilarious and confusing historical documents of the industry. It’s safe to say you definitely wouldn’t get away with half of this stuff now!

Mad Men

1. Fun In The Dark


“The second best thing to do in the dark”… it’s brilliant. I’ll always remember my friend Jack had a Gameboy Advance SP and was able to play it at night while I was stuck with my lowly silver classic model. That sweet memory has now been irrevocably tainted.

2. Subtlety Wasn’t Their Strong Point


So we’re going to establish very quickly that a lot of these retro gaming ads are about sex. Sex sells. Sex…

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