Super Mario World: Conquering my Nemesis (I Hope)


The old-school Mario games have always been the bane of my existence as a gamer.  When I first started working through my parents’ collection of Super Nintendo games many years ago, each game gave me varying levels of challenge.  Over the course of a year or two, I would eventually finish some games and progress a little more through others.  After a lot of practice, I would go on to complete Donkey Kong Country 3 or reach the final boss in A Link to the Past or get stuck at the vampire couple in Illusion of Gaia.  All of these games I have since completed many times over, but that didn’t mean that all of our old Super Nintendo games had yet been conquered.

While I could eventually beat nearly every one of our Super Nintendo games, and almost every game I have bought since, with very few exceptions (Final…

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