Weird gaming habits: part one

Later Levels

What are your weird gaming habits? Do you always reload, even after shooting only a single bullet; never use fast-travel; or only play RPGs if it’s a Wednesday and the developer’s name begins with the letter ‘D’? I posed this question to my lovely blogging buddies a couple of weeks ago, and received a wide range of strange answers…

Obsessively tapping ‘R’

Team Fortress 2, video game, soldiers, battle, guns, shoot-out, turret

“If you were to creepily stand behind me whilst I was playing a FPS, you’d probably see me stop and ask just exactly what you were doing… but if you managed to do it without me noticing then you might pick-up on me obsessively tapping ‘R’ every few seconds whilst running, or in cover, or walking… or even when I want to reload. A habit I picked up in the many hours I spent with Team Fortress 2 as a nimble scout where having a full magazine is…

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