DDO: The Harbor Reunion Tour ’17

Bio Break

Huh, DDO can still be pretty in 2017. Helps that it has this odd magitech, exotic continent angle.

If you’ve ever come back to an old favorite MMO after years — 5, even 10 — of being away, you’ll know that absolutely surreal feeling that’s a mix of nostalgia and long-buried memories coming to the surface coupled with “whoa everything’s a bit different.” That’s how it is with my recent DDO sessions. Currently it’s more familiar than not, since I’m just going through all of the Harbor quests, and I had those down pat back in the day. Kind of nice to be able to steamroll all of them with my 32-point Artificer.

What I’m probably enjoying most, other than the flashes of “oh YEAH I remember this!” are the instant gratification nature of the adventures. I always enjoyed DDO’s highly instanced design that (largely) cut out travel to get…

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