A few more things for the Atari 8bit computers

The Late Night Session

Not long ago I shared some details regarding my collection of computers and games for the Atari 8bit series. This time around I’m bringing a little more to show. Most of my collection now consists of a mix of boxed and loose game cartridges with the majority of the former being those that I had from when I first owned an Atari computer. You can still occasionally find boxed copies online but they are not as prevalent as the loose cartridges.

Of my more recent purchases the one I’m most happy to have in my possession are Rescue on Fractalus!, Archon and Star Raiders II. My first exposure to Rescue on Fractalus! was via a leaked copy of the game that was then known as Behind Jaggi Lines! with the title’s “jaggies” not only referring to the aliens you encounter but the stairstep effect due to the…

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