A history of Sony / Microsoft consoles and why I like them for gaming

The Late Night Session

With the release of the Xbox One X in a couple of months I found myself thinking how far consoles have come since the 1990s, for both Sony and Microsoft. Because of this, I’ve decided to write a little bit about the various generations that have lead to this 4K / HDR point. I apologise to those of you who are Nintendo fans. In terms of console gaming I stuck to Sony and Microsoft offerings and have never owned a Nintendo device.

Ok let’s proceed. Sony had a winner way back in the day with the original PlayStation in the mid 90s. Indeed, I felt a strong sense of nostalgia when the original PlayStation showed up in Uncharted 4. The original Gran Turismo was fantastic in the day.

Playstation - the original The original PlayStation. A big hit.

Then the original Xbox came out in 2001, in competition with the Playstation 2 (released in…

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