Looking back at the history of the Saturday night raids

Micki's Delirium

I posted my first DDO blog March 28, 2012 and have since then been writing semi-regularly as well as using the blog as documentation and history about my characters and gaming. I have been doing the Saturday night raids since 2012, although I did not do EEraids back then and at first I didn’t even post for them myself. Even though I have run and posted for raids on other nights than Saturday, in this blog I will mostly be focusing on the Saturday raids.

I started running raids back in 2012. At first I was just joining raids when I saw them up, later I decided that I wanted to do a Shroud on Thazara each weekend, and soon I started posting for raids myself, usually on Saturday, sometimes on Sunday. Back in 2012 there were also a lot more people running and posting for raids, so I…

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