5 Worst Video Game Franchise Reboots Of All Time


Reboots are generally good for keeping a game series alive and active. Sure most of the reboots do not surpass the reputation of the original one but it does keep the series alive in a good way. All in all, Reboots are good but sometimes developers can mess it up pretty badly. And today we are counting down the worst reboot video game series of all time.

Star Fox Zero


While I don’t like the new control scheme, it’s a small price to pay to hop into the seat of an Arwing. Though I feel like I’ve seen most of this adventure before, Zero is a good-looking homage with some new locations to find and challenges to overcome. It doesn’t supplant Star Fox 64, but it does its legacy justice. – GameSpot

Star Fox Zero is just plain rotten. An otherwise run-of-the-mill space shooter that couldn’t be content with its own…

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