4 Massive Empty Open World Games With Nothing To Do


I love playing Open World games just because of how big and beautiful they are and also the activities in that world. I totally played the heck out of GTA 5 doing all the interesting side quests, racing, and whatnot. But can you imagine what would have happened to GTA 5 if the world was empty? I mean NO Sidequest NO random encounter NO unscripted events? just imagine how pissed the fans of the series would have been.

Today we are counting down big open world games that are empty inside

AC Syndicate


But overall, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate is a very difficult game to dislike. It was never intended to break the mould, it’s no kind of reinvention and it probably won’t win the series many new fans. It is resolutely more of the same, but robust and varied with it. – games(TM)

Uninspired story and incredibly simple gameplay keeps…

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