Server choice and community


A recent discussion touching on server community and choice chimed with certain frustrations that I’ve felt as a MMORPG gamer, it led me to thinking more about whether server choice has impacted my enjoyment and opinions of certain games. Some MMOs, such as Neverwinter or Elder Scrolls Online, avoid this issue by having a so-called ‘megaserver’ – one server that hosts all characters. You only see those characters near you, and there maybe some technical wizardry to segregate busy areas into instanced or sharded zones, but your character can play easily with anyone you wish.

More traditional MMORPGs have separate servers, often with their own distinct community identities or norms. That can be a boon in terms of trying to find the right server for you, or I would suggest often a bad thing since information about server choice is rarely comprehensive and always highly subjective. When starting a new…

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