Playing with power, SNES Classic power!

Bio Break

I was not in a happy place last Friday morning. I had just stayed up until 12:30 to see if I could snag one of the SNES Classics when (if?) they went on sale online. But no dice; everything was taken. By morning, it looked like the scalpers had moved in, and I wasn’t able to camp out at the store to get what I assumed were limited units.

So a bit bummed but hey, it’s just a game — a game system that meant an awful lot to me when I was a kid and I’d love to have in this format. I went to work, called Target an hour later, and was told that they were out. Again, I assumed everyone else would be too, at least until Aywren mentioned on Twitter that Best Buys and Toys R Uses had some nice stock. And lo and behold, when…

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