Episode 223: The Disturbing Trend of Nintendo Product Shortages

3rd World Geeks


Sometimes, I wonder if Nintendo actually wants to make consoles these days. I say this because I went out a couple of days ago with a song in my heart in the hopes of spending some of my hard earned cash to buy me a brand new SNES Classic. I already failed with before with the NES Classic earlier this year but I was still hopeful because, by this time, I was sure Nintendo would’ve learned their lesson. I figured out that Nintendo’s manufacturing and logistics teams knew that demand for the SNES Classic was going to be astronomically high so I expected them to be prepared and have hundreds of them made when it was released.


Just like with other Nintendo’s new products like the Switch, the NES Classic and amiibos, it was just impossible to get a SNES Classic. It was out of stock… well, the…

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