Seven (actually 14) MMOs that I confuse all the time

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Writing news day in and day out about the MMORPG industry — and all of its loosely associated genres — means that you get a lot of weird and random information stuffed into your head. It’s not like you’re covering just a handful of games, but literally hundreds and hundreds of different ones. And one consequence of this, aside from me forgetting my kids’ names because I know several dozen MMO twitter handles by memory, is that there are some games that are very easy to confuse. Especially — and I want to stress this — if you are not playing them.

Here are seven pairs — 14 titles total — that I am forever mixing up like I do when I have to figure out if that girl is named Elana or Elaina.

1. Warframe and Warface

Obviously, some of the entries on this list are going to be…

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