Shadow under Thunderholme

DDO Outrage

General Comments

Thunderholme is, without a doubt, one of the most important packs to buy if you’re planning on being an Epic player. It provides some of the best weapons from level 22 all the way to level 28, fantastic armor, and a good bit of fun and experience to boot. If only there were more content, though…

Experience: 2/5

This pack consists of one wilderness area and two level 30 raids. That’s it. It should go without saying that nobody’s running the raids for experience–they’re level 30, and you should be at cap if you want to contribute to your party. But what about the wilderness?

In total, you can get 1,019,844 base experience in total from this wilderness. That’s including 7,500 slayers, all 12 rare encounters, and all 20 journal entries. Yes, 7,500 slayers is a lot, but it’s definitely doable, what with how easy it is to…

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