Secrets of the Artificers

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Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Pre-U14, Secrets of the Artificers was one of the best endgame packs around, and would’ve been somewhere in the S-tier. Nowadays, though, power creep has rendered a lot of this loot outdated, and epic destinies and new loot have trivialized even the epic versions of the raids, meaning that it no longer offers the endgame challenge it used to. Nevertheless, there are aspects about the pack which shine through and continue to make it a worthwhile pack.

Experience: 3/5

The way that this pack is set up is somewhat unique. There are three flagging quests here, all level 19, and which can only be done on heroic. Once you complete these (in any order), you’ll be flagged for the two raids, one of which is level 19 and one of which is level 20, and both of which are level 22 on…

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