Can MMOs ever insert roleplaying during quests?

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As someone who never had enough friends into roleplaying games to be a part of a genuine D&D group, my childhood impressions of tabletop gaming pretty much begins and ends with the above scene in E.T. and whatever I could imagine from gaming manuals.

Wait… what WAS going on in this scene? They’re playing D&D… while drinking Tab and coffee… and smoking… and there is a can of Raid there? I think these kids have a death pact. That totally changes E.T. for me.

Anyway, my impressions of an average pen-and-paper roleplaying experience is that it’s not just wall-to-wall fighting. There is interaction between characters and NPCs, characters and each other, and characters and the world (as well as characters and “god,” AKA the game master). That outlines the four realms of potential conflict, by the way. Players reason through situations, act as their character would act, attempt creative and…

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