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King’s Forest and its associated quests are the most appealing thing about the Menace of the Underdark expansion pack. Epic Destinies and the epic split are a major part of what’s been ruining this game since 2012; the Druid class has always been middle-of-the-road; the Eveningstar Challenge Pack has almost nothing going for it; and the rest of the wilderness areas in the expansion pack are horrible and drawn out. The King’s Forest stands out for being the anomaly, being a large, varied wilderness area which, although rather streamlined in that it’s very similar to other areas from lots of other fantasy-inspired MMOs, is quite rewarding and is decent fun to explore.

Even despite its good points, though, it doesn’t offer any good loot, its experience isn’t anything above average, and most importantly, it’s weighed down by the rest of the MOTU expansion pack.

Experience: 3/5

First, there’s the wilderness area itself…

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